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Teach your child the Montessori method from home


Montessori From Home is an at-home curriculum with easy to follow Montessori lessons and materials that encourage your child’s self-directed activity, hands-on learning, and collaborative play.


What is Montessori From Home?

Classes & Subscriptions

Easy to Follow


Easy to follow Montessori lessons with step-by-step instructions

Unlimited Access

Unlimited access to the complete Montessori From Home curriculum

Montessori Materials

Access to Montessori store with materials to supplement your child’s lessons

Ages 2-6




Auto-renewal, cancel anytime

Unlimited access to all lessons, worksheets, and tips you will need to a full Montessori curriculum from home.


Latest Store Arrivals!

Montessori From Home has really helped me kick start my child's Preschool Experience. The lessons are easy to follow and my child is growing from all of the hands-on learning.

- Amanda, M.

I have heard of the benefits of Montessori, but I always thought I would have to pay for a fancy private school for my kids to learn it.  MFH lets me incorporate Montessori learning at a low cost.

- David, H.

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